Eclipse Talent Partners, LLC is an NYC-based tech recruiting startup founded in 2017 by Principal and CEO, Adrienne Williams. The team is comprised of seven ladies who are here in the U.S. and abroad, and each member brings her own exceptional set of skills, experience, and expertise to the Eclipse brand.

An eclipse is an elevation. It takes one to the next level. An eclipse is also a wild card that grabs our attention, uproots and surprises us to bring about transformational change. Eclipse Talent Partners is the catalyst for change. Our mantra is to embrace each challenge and use those experiences to align ourselves with our inner power to harness the growth that our clients will benefit from.

Adrienne Williams
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Fielamorcristefany Orillo
Web Developer

Fiel serves as ETP’s web developer. Fiel has been in the tech industry for more than ten years. She agrees with the philosopher Aristotle in that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Fiel’s vision for ETP is to help convert the company’s excellent ideas into adroit reality.

Fiel loves traveling and watching movies.

Jossanah “Joss” Maglalang
Customer Relations Management, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Generation Specialist

Joss serves as ETP’s Lead Generation Specialist as well as serving as the Customer Relations and Social Media Strategist. She’s an experienced lead generation and customer relations specialist. She ensures that ETP’s clients are receiving the best possible customer experience. Joss’s background in social media marketing ensures that opportunities to promote the business are continuously being maximized.

Joss’s ultimate goal is to provide for her family and she’s reminded of God’s provision in this every day. That is what gives her the courage to deal with daily life.

Joss is an avid reader and loves to cook for her family.

Charmaine “Maine” Mabini
Recruitment Coordinator

Maine is the Recruitment Coordinator at ETP. She’s been with ETP for a year and helps out with back-end operations. Maine has six plus years of professional recruitment experience and has assisted clients with end-to-end recruitment both on and offshore.

Maine believes that you only live once. Don’t let fear kill your dreams for success.

Her hobbies include swimming and traveling.

Jenny “Jen” Halili
Executive Assistant

Jenny serves as Executive Assistant to the CEO. A Business Management graduate, Jen has served as an online administrative assistant to various clients for nine years. She started her career in the BPO industry in 2005. Jen has developed a variety of skills including providing exceptional customer service. Always an optimistic person, Jen believes in always putting her best foot forward. Her character has been built through having a variety of challenging experiences and being committed to relationships. She wants to contribute to the success of ETP by being a productive and curious team member.

Jen loves cooking, internet surfing, t-shirt making, and designing personalized gifts.

Bernadette “Berns” Ancog
Digital Marketing Strategist

Berns serves as Writer and Digital Marketing Strategist at ETP. She has been in the Digital Marketing industry for more than eleven years. Her aspiration in life is to become the best version of herself every day. Berns’ mission at ETP is to perform at the highest possible level for the company and its clients.

Berns is the author of “A Holistic Approach to Dog Health”, and has been a Toastmasters member for almost four years. Berns loves gardening, re-arranging her interiors, baking, and of course spending quality time with her fur babies.

Elvon “El” Reed
Writing Team Lead

El is Writing Team Lead and proofreader at ETP. She is trying to treat every heart she meets as if it’s breaking. Elvon teaches high school English in central Arkansas and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Communication Studies. In the past she has served as an advocate for formerly homeless people in NYC. Elvon is looking forward to being educated about the tech industry. Her vision is to help Adrienne and her team come to the full realization of their potential in the tech industry.

Elvon loves to read, write, hike, and laugh as much as possible. Her children are grown so she looks forward to having grandchildren in ten or so years. She looks forward to one day teaching on the college level and playing a significant role in a movie.

Cynthia Jacobs
Team Lead

Cynthia is Team Lead at ETP both in the US and the Philippines. Her main focus is operations and organizational management. Cynthia currently resides in New Mexico and is completing her second Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. She’s looking forward to becoming a licensed Landscape Architect who designs parks and reclaimed spaces.

Cynthia has a background in Economics, English, and Publishing. She worked as a Contracts Associate for a major trade book publisher in New York City for twelve years. She believes that ETP brings a unique high touch to its clients’ recruiting and staffing needs, and that her organizational skills will help take Eclipse to the next level.

Cynthia loves science-fiction, photography, travel, and hanging out with friends watching movies.

Adrienne “Adrienne” Williams

As the Founder + CEO of Eclipse Talent Partners, I am a 10+ year veteran of the technology industry. At Eclipse we are happy to provide our clients with direction, connection, experience, and results unmatched by other search firms. From mid-sized firms in high growth mode to startups seeking guidance around strategic scaling and organizational development, we enjoy helping businesses grow.
I founded Eclipse Talent Partners after years of consulting and still feeling that I needed a new challenge. Prior to consulting, full-time roles with their politics, glass ceilings and in-office culture clash also weren’t my thing. I enjoy this work because it allows me to bring an approach that combines both head and heart to scaling organizations. I also enjoy this work because it allows me the flexibility and mobility to enjoy my many other passions in life. This is particularly true when it comes to travel. Amongst my closest friends, I am known as the Carmen Sandiego of tech recruiting.
I am also an intergenerational entrepreneur!  I hail from a long line of independent, free-thinking, successful, strong-willed folks with a taste for adventure and an eye toward success. Entrepreneurship for me means following along the path laid out for me by my ancestors and operating within my family line. Each new success reminds me that I am living out my destiny and carrying forth my family’s legacy. It feels good to wake up every day knowing that I am living the life I’ve dreamt for myself, under the protection of my ancestors, with the heart of a woman who has truly learned to conquer fear.